Eventual Blindness (Short)

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Eventual Blindness is a vignette drama about a recovering alcoholic and his blind friend who both try to find some light in an otherwise dark world.

Nick (Armando Reyes) is not only a struggling musician, but also an ex-husband and a father, battling his addiction problem as he confronts the darkness of his life. His friend and roommate, Sam (Jake Baker), literally lives in darkness, as he is completely blind. Despite his disability, Sam has a strength which Nick turns to at times. Together, they are searching for a beacon.

Eventual Blindness screened at the Toronto Lift-Off Film Festival Online 2018The Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2018, the Iowa Independent Film Festival 2018, and the Chicago Onscreen Local Film Showcase 2019! The film also won an honorable mention award from The Indie Gathering and an honorarium from Chicago Onscreen!

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